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Quality Assurance System

Credibility comes with certification and we have been certified as an IATF: 16949:2016 Certified Company. Quality has always been an integral part of Bansal values and we are committed for producing the best possible product that meets or exceeds customer expectations. We perform rigorous quality control checks that begin upon the intake of raw materials i.e. wire rods and continue at each individual stage of the manufacturing process.

Our manufacturing units are installed with stage of the art testing facilities. Our vigilant team of quality control technicians carefully scrutinizes every product at each stage of the manufacturing process to weed out all sub- standards and material. The company has modern production facilities manned by experienced and committed personnel to produce steel wires conforming to various international standards. We have employed an advanced engineering system that includes a spectrometer for chemical analysis of incoming raw material.

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Our Testing Facilities Include

1) Salt Spray Test
2) Spectro & XRF Analysis
3) Metallurgical Tests
4) Mechanical Tests
5) Surface Roughness Tester
7) Radioactive Test
8) Profile Projector

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