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Aluminium Alloy Wires

Magnesium is the primary constituent in this alloy. Aluminum alloy wires are of moderate strength and is on-heat treatable alloy that combines its Strength with its excellent Formability & Corrosion Resistance property. Aluminum’s unique combination of properties makes it a highly versatile material when alloyed with various metals. Besides light weight characteristics and corrosion resistance property it’s excellent workability make it a natural choice for industrial use. AA wires are used in many products by the leaders of the industry as raw material.


Diameter0.12 mm – 9.00 mm”
Type (Modulus)Single Filar, Bifilar, Tri Filar, Tetra Filar (QuadriFilar)

Chemical Composition

51540.450.450.100.80-0.132.8 –

Applications of Aluminum alloy wires

It is widely used in Flexible cables, Coaxial cables, Electrical Appliances, Water-Bottle Carver/parcel grids for bicycles, Mosquito Nets, Foodstuff Clips, Metal Staples (example for Sausage Type foods, Tea Bags), Lightning Conductors, Clips, Staples for Staplers, Paper Clips, Clothes Pegs, Aluminum Clothes Hangers, usually used by Dry Cleaners, Refrigerator Grilles, Pipe Hose for Sanitary Fittings, Pipe Hose for Low Pressure Drinking Water, for Low Pressure Oil, Air and Petrol, Anti-vibration Tubes, Steel Deoxidizer In the Continuous Casting process, Shots & Rivets.

Copper Coated Aluminum Magnesium Wire

Copper-coated aluminum magnesium wire, commonly abbreviated as CCAMW or CCAM, is an electrical conductor composed of an inner aluminum core and outer copper coating.

Diameter : 0.12 mm – 2.05 mm”


The primary applications of this conductor revolve around weight reduction requirements. These applications include high-quality coils, such as the voice coils in headphones, or portable loud speakers; high frequency coaxial applications; such as RF antennas; CATV distribution cables; and power cables. CCAM is also being used in electrical wiring for buildings. The copper/aluminum construction was adopted to avoid some of the problems with aluminum wire, yet retain some of the cost advantage.

CCAM became extremely popular in emerging markets as a cheap replacement for copper category 5e twisted pair cables.


The properties of copper-coated aluminum wire include:

  • Lighter than pure copper
  • Higher electrical conductivity than pure aluminum
  • Higher strength than aluminum
  • Better solder ability than aluminum, due to the lack of the oxide layer which prevents solder adhesion when soldering bare aluminum.
  • Less expensive than a pure copper wire

Skin Effect

The skin effect causes alternating current to concentrate on the more-conductive copper coating of the conductor, causing the resistance of the wire to approach that of a pure copper wire at high frequencies, which makes the copper-coated aluminium wire a good fit for such applications. The skin effect is also utilized in copper-coated steel wire such as RG-6 coax, which is also commonly used in high frequency applications with high strength requirements.

Copper Coated Steel Wire

Copper Coated Steel Wire, commonly abbreviated as CCS is an electrical conductor composed of clan inner mild steel core wire and outer copper coating.

Diameter : 0.10 mm – 3.00 mm.


  • High intensity: Intensity is 2 times more than pure copper wire i.e. if the tensile strength of pure copper wire is about 215 to 265, then CCS can reach upto 430 to 530.
  • Light weight: It is 13% lighter than pure copper wire. Under the same wire size and weight, its length is 1.13 times than that of pure copper wire. So buying 1 Ton. CCS wire is the same as buying 1.13 tons of pure copper wire.
  • Saving cost: CCS wire price is just 35% of that of pure copper wire and its appearance quality is the same as of pure copper wire.
  • Reducing the production cost while guaranteeing the same quality as of pure copper wire.

Main Property

  • Good corrosion resistance of copper
  • High tensile strength of steel
  • Much lower impedance at high frequencies than that of steel wire alone


Inner conductor of terminal CATV coaxial cable, Conductive cord of user communication cable for double conductor telephones, Plug-ins for electronic components, Conductive cord of field wires, Overhead system for power transmission and telephone lines, Overhead-contact systems for railway and Light Rail Transit,Braided shield wire of power cable.

Dia (mm)“Copper Conductivity (%)”“DC Resistance at 20°C 1 (Ohm/Km)”

Aluminum Alloy Wire Mesh

Precision made INSECT GUARD is manufactured to the international standards and specifications.


Mesh18×14, 18×16, 14×14, (Customized as per requirement)
MaterialAluminum Alloy Wire
Available Widths2ft, 2.5ft, 3ft, 3.5ft, 3.75ft, 4ft, 4.5ft, 5ft
Length/ Roll in Meters30 Meters (Customized as per requirement)
FinishAluminum Finish, Stainless Steel Finish
PackagingOne Roll Per Cardboard

Aluminum Alloy Welding Wires


Grade Available: 4043, 5356, 4047, 5183, 1100

Material is Bright Shaved

Size range Mig Wire  0.80  mm –1.60  mm
Size range Tig Wire 5.00 mm – 1.60 mm ( Embossed )
PackagingMig Wire 7 kgs Spool (SD -300 )
PackagingTig Wire 5 kgs Plastic Tube & 10 kgs Cardboard packing