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Cable Armouring Wires & Strips

Cable Armouring Wire is a metal cover usually applied in form of round wires or formed wires, intended to protect the cable from mechanical damage. We manufacture Cable Armouring Wires including round wires and formed wires for cable industries, as per Indian and International standards e.g. IS:3975-1999, BS1442 : 1969, BS5467:1997 and IRS:S63-20142.

Customer can also keep a check on the kind of material they want and we make sure to supply material as per customer’s recommendations

These round and formed Wires with round and flat cross section are manufactured in the modern galvanized furnace with the latest technology to ensure superior quality. These wires have superior corrosion resistance, tensile strength, elongation, resistivity and flexibility.

Cable Armouring Formed Wires


Size mm4.00 X 0.806.1 X 1.40
Cross SectionWidthA4.006.10
Tolerance mm (+/-)10%10%
ZINC Coating Gm/Sq. Mt.110180
Tensile Strength Mpa300-500300-500
Elongation % (min.)1010
Resisitivity Ohm-Cm X 10 -6max14.514.5

Cross Section of Formed Wire


All Coils are binded with wires & strips, then wrapped with HDPE and finally all coils are properly tapped & tagged.


Size mm0.450.700.901.251.401.602.002.503.154.00
Tolerance mm (+/-)0.020.0250.030.0350.040.0450.050.0650.080.10
ZINC Coating Gm/Sq. Mt.456075909095105110120135
Tensile Strength Mpa300 – 500300 – 500300 – 500300 – 500300 – 500300 – 500300 – 500300 – 500300 – 500300 – 500
Elongation % (MIN.)10101010101010101010
Resisitivity Ohm-Cm X 10 -6max14.514.514.514.514.514.514.514.514.514.5