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Spring Washers Wires

These are shaped wires in Square, Rectangular or Trapezoidal cross section manufactured from high carbon steel generally conforming to EN-42B/En-42C. The wires are custom built for the taper required. The wires are supplied in Drawn & Annealed finish. These wires are used in the manufacture of springs, spring washers and snap rings.


Cross section Size (mm) UTS(kg/mm2) Edges Taper Angle
Square 0.8 x 0.8 to
8.0 x 8.0
60-90 Natural / Round / Sharp
Rectangular/ Trapezoidal 0.9 x 0.5 to
10.0 x 6.0
60-90 Natural / Round / Sharp 0 or 3-5,or as desired



The spring washer wires are supplied in 450-500mm. I.D coils with a coil weight of 50-250 kgs., depending on size of wire. The coils are oiled and packed with polythene and Hessian.

Tolerance on Thickness:

± 0.05 mm and Width : ± 0.05 mm