Copper Coated Steel Wire

Copper Coated Steel Wire, commonly abbreviated as CCS is an electrical conductor composed clan inner mild steel core wire and outer copper coating.


Diameter 0.10 mm – 3.00 mm
  • High intensity: is 2 times than pure copper wire that is if the tensile strength. of pure copper wire is about 215 to 265, then CCS can reach 430 to 530.
  • Light weight: lighter 13% than pure copper wire. Under the same wire size and weight, its length is 1.13 times than that of pure copper wire. So buying 1 ton. CCS wire is the same as buying 1.13 tons pure copper wire.
  • Saving cost: CCS wire price is just 35% of that of pure copper wire and its appearance quality is the same with pure copper wire.
  • Reducing greatly the production cost while guaranteeing the same quality as well as pure copper wire.
Main Properties
  • Good corrosion resistance of copper
  • High tensile strength of steel
  • Much lower impedance at high frequencies than that of steel wire alone
  • Inner conductor of terminal CATV coaxial cable
  • Conductive cord of user communication cable for double conductor telephones.
  • Plug-ins for electronic components.
  • Conductive cord of field wires.
  • Overhead system for power transmission and telephone lines.
  • Overhead-contact systems for railway and Light Rail Transit.
  • Braided shield wire of power cable.
Dia (mm) “Copper Conductivity (%)” “DC Resistance at 20°C 1 (Ohm/Km)”
0.835 0.26 121
1.05 0.16 124.3
1.05 0.18 110.5
1.05 0.21 94.7
1.85 0.26 24.6
2.25 0.21 20.6