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Copper Coated Aluminium Magnesium Wire

Copper-coated aluminum magnesium wire, commonly abbreviated as CCAMW or CCAM, is an electrical conductor composed of an inner aluminum core and outer copper coating.


Diameter 0.12 mm – 2.05 mm”
Uses The primary applications of this conductor revolve around weight reduction requirements. These applications include high-quality coils, such as the voice coils in headphones, or portable loud speakers; high frequency coaxial applications; such as RF antennas; CATV distribution cables; and power cables. CCAM is also being used in electrical wiring for buildings. The copper/aluminium construction was adopted to avoid some of the problems with aluminium wire, yet retain some of the cost advantage.
CCAM became extremely popular in emerging markets as a cheap replacement for copper category 5e twisted pair cables.
Properties The properties of copper-coated aluminium wire include:

  • Lighter than pure copper
  • Higher electrical conductivity than pure aluminium
  • Higher strength than aluminium
  • Better solderability than aluminium, due to the lack of the oxide layer which prevents solder adhesion when soldering bare aluminium.
  • Less expensive than a pure copper wire
Skin Effect The skin effect causes alternating current to concentrate on the more-conductive copper coating of the conductor, causing the resistance of the wire to approach that of a pure copper wire at high frequencies, which rnakes the copper-coated alurninium wire a good fit for such applications. The skin effect is also utilized in copper-coated steel wire such as RG-6 coax, which is also commonly used in high frequency applications with high strength requirements.